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Trained Security Dogs

DMS dogs, conversely, are usually associated with our security work, but they have played a pivotal role in the history of our security works and services that we rendered. During the process of our services DMS dogs were used to break the first line of enemy armies, and were feared for their ferociousness. In more recent times, dogs were trained as sentry guards, protecting securities from attack. And as silent scouts, dogs would warn the security to the presence of enemies, diminishing the chances of an ambush.

DMS dogs are socialized, loyal, and unerringly obedient. They will not attack unless their owners are facing a threat or have commanded an attack. Some breeds are better than others when it comes to this type of training, since it requires strength, calmness, loyalty, a love of humans, and a highly developed intelligence.

DMS dogs are trained to bite on command, as well as stop biting on command. Unfortunately, some dogs are not properly trained and are instead used to fight other dogs, or to inflict fear and brutality on others. Of course, this creates a dog that is capable of attacking unsuspecting people or animals without warning or cause.

Check out some of their superhuman abilities;


DMS security dogs are acute with great peripheral vision. Dogs anticipate their owners coming home minutes before they actually arrive.


their nose is probably the best around. Imagine you cook a meal and seasoning it with a variety of things. As humans, we can make out the great smell of the meal, the aroma, but dogs can smell the individual ingredients. They can smell things from far away and can distinguish so minute things that they are used to sniff out drugs and explosives. Dogs have saved the lives of families when fire broke out.


DMS security dogs can detect the different types of engines even if it is from the same model of automobile. That is how unique their hearing is.

 Superhuman Vigilance

DMS security dog helps you to secure your property from trespassers, vandals and burglars. Alarm systems are good, but you canít afford to solely rely on them when it comes to your security. The problem with an alarm is that it only indicates an intrusion or a violation; it doesnít do anything about it.

But DMS security dog both raises an alarm and tries to solve the problem at the same time. Security dogs are trained to sense disruption or an intrusion from a distance. While your alarm doesnít ring until maybe your front door or window is unlocked, a security dog senses an intruder from afar, raises alarm and even tries to corner or immobilize the intruder until more help comes along.

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