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Women Security

Dogman security (Women security) is dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women in the field of maintaining peace and security. DMS sponsors leadership training, mentoring, and networking programs as well as substantive events focused on current policy problems. DMS also supports engagement initiatives on critical international security issues, including the solution between gender and security.

DMS educates and inspires women at all stages of their careers – the multigenerational aspect of its network is one of DMS’ greatest strengths.DMS builds local, national and global security company that empowers women in the country.

DMS encourages the active civic engagement of women and men who understand the importance of inclusive and diverse participation in peace and security. DMS provides valuable services and resources to build a global security network of women in the company, and increases the number and visibility of women across sectors and around the world.

The lack of female representation in decision-making positions means that the international community is missing the diversity of expertise and perspectives that are desperately needed in this field. DMS recognizes that all women do not share the same opinions about how to address the world’s security problems. But women often share common experiences and challenges as women, and they often share common, valuable approaches to leadership roles. DMS’ research demonstrates that women in these positions of security often share consultative, inclusive, and collaborative leadership styles.

The contributions that women have made and could potentially make to international peace and security are just beginning to be recognized. DMS is working to ensure that recognition translates into leadership opportunities for women around the world.

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